Do you need a cost-efficient customized software, automation tool or website to help your business?
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Is your business facing a new challenge which needs a quick intervention or transformation?
Do you have a start-up idea and need help designing the product and conducting its feasibility studies?
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You came to the right place! innovAI is your one stop shop for Tech development, Business Transformation and end to end start-up support

What we do

We live on problem solving. Our passion is to combine our Tech. and management expertise into comprehensive and innovative solutions that address your business problems regardless of the industry and function. What matters is the size of the problem and the impact of the solution. Our approach relies on working hand in hand with you since coming up with the best solutions requires taking the business reality and customers experience into consideration.

Whether you’re looking for developing a website to represent your business in the digital world, building an eCommerce platform to sell easily to your customers, automating a day to day process through an automation tool, or have a great mobile app idea that needs further definition and development.. innovAI is your e2e tech partner, we help you refine the idea and analyze how it can deliver the best value to your business before we start the development in the most cost-efficient way possible.

Transformation is about changing business reality to a new one in order to address a current business challenge or achieve a new business goal. This requires changes in process, tools and people’s capabilities, mindset and incentives. With 10 years experience in Management Consulting & Transformation we can help your business achieve great results by designing and implementing e2e transformation programs that address all these factors.

What we do concretely

  • Define the business objective e.g. improve profitability, improve quality or customer reach
  • Baseline the as-is i.e. how is the business performing today in the area of interest
  • Design the new process after identifying the root causes of the problem
  • Tools & capabilities: what are the best tools and people capability that support the new process
  • Performance management: which KPIs should you measure, by whom, when and how frequent
  • Conduct a pilot to test the new process with pre-defined success criteria & KPIs
  • Roll-out the new process, tools, performance management to the whole business
  • People’s mindset: this is where most transformation programs fail when companies don’t actively drive the people’s behavior & mindset change

We offer one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs who have a new business idea and not sure how to proceed. We can help you take it to the next step by developing both the technical definition (i.e. how should that product look like) alongside the financial feasibility (i.e. how much will it cost, how can it be monetized and is it worth it) simultaneously so that by the end of our study we could conclude whether or not you should pursue this idea further, and if yes how.

What we do concretely

  • Help you define how your product should look like (technically)
  • Can develop your product if it’s Software
  • Explore different commercial models for your product (how to monetize it)
  • Develop a P&L forecast for your business with Revenues, Capex & Opex (P&L)
  • Design a market research to identify potential customers and get their feedback
  • Develop an HR plan to identify the team and capabilities that you need
  • Explore and evaluate different funding options that can supply you with capital
  • Study the best legal form of your company and help you choose a lawyer and accountant

Why Us

We commit to providing our customers the most efficient solutions thanks to our in-depth expertise, many years of experience in our respective fields and our pragmatism. And because of our lean organization and offshoring development work to cost efficient locations, we are able to provide you with very competitive prices. We also believe that customer comes first and are therefore committed to giving you the best customer experience. Finally, we are always committed to adhering to the highest professional standards in all what we do.